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General inquiries and consumer complaints related to the Georgia Installment Loan Act or the Georgia installment lending industry may be submitted to NDFI at [email protected].

Rod Carnes, Deputy Commissioner for Non-Depository Financial Institutions [email protected]
Justin McElheney, Director for Non-Depository Financial Institutions [email protected]
Dominique Williams, Licensing Compliance Manager (Company applications contact) [email protected]

Legal Matters should be directed to:
Elizabeth Harris, Attorney | [email protected]
Amy Patterson,  Attorney  | [email protected]

Please note that the NDFI Division does not accept walk-ins. Please call (770) 986-1136 to make an appointment to speak to a member of our staff or email the staff member directly if you know who you wish to speak with.

Payment Deferral Amendment

The following deferments will be proposed as part of the Dept of Banking and Finance Annual Housekeeping Bill. No other amendments affecting GILA are included in this years bill. 

Deferral Amendment

Non File Premium Increase-UPDATE

September 4, 2020
To: The Board of Directors and General Membership
From: Rob Robinson

RE: Non File Premium Increase

I’m pleased to announce to you today that Georgia Insurance Commissioner John King has approved an increase for the personal property portion of the non-file premium from $10.00 to $20.00. We had hoped to get the full $25.00 premium authorized, per the UCC-1 filing fee statute that went into effect in 2019, but were not able to do so. However, the $20.00 premium is a significant increase that we all need and will go into effect immediately, per Commissioner King’s authorization today. Please notify your appropriate credit insurance companies and software vendors of this change so that they may make the necessary adjustments. A letter of notification should be forthcoming from the Installment Loan Department soon, but I have it on authority that we may proceed with the new rate increase today.

Thanks for your support of Georgia Installment Lenders Association!
Rob Robinson, Legislative Chair

New Rules from Dept. of Banking & Finance


Please be patient with us.  The Department of Banking & Finance has not given GILA any information regarding changes to procedures, etc.

The Department of Banking & Finance will contact ALL licensees concerning any change in procedure.

GILA will send out any information that we receive as soon as we receive it.

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Loan Manager Schools


The Department of Banking and Finance has instructed us that the Norman Kinsler Loan Manager Schools are no longer required.

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Important: Changes in the New Installment Lending Act

Attention All Members,

Linked below are changes in the new Georgia Installment Lending Act vs. the original Georgia Industrial Loan Act.

There are important requirements of all licensed installment lenders in Georgia that must be complied with this year and all years going forward.

The Legislative Committee will send regular communications to help all members comply with the new regulations and licensing criteria. Please check your email and the GILA website frequently for updates and correspondence with the DBF. Find the changes under the "Review changes" button below.

How to use the document:

Red headers are deletions in the (original) Georgia Industrial Loan Act.

Blue headers are rules and regulations per the (new) Georgia Installment Lenders Act.

Clickable links  will take you to the section of the New GILA Act that applies to the old version.

Thank you for your continued support of our industry and association!

Rob Robinson, Legislative Chair

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